Federally Regulated Employees (Canada Labour Code)

Are federally regulated employees treated differently? 

Yes, employees working in federally regulated industries have different employment laws that apply to them. If you are employed in an industry that is regulated by the federal government then you are protected by the Canada Labour Code. 


This is very beneficial, as the Canada Labour Code provides non-management employees with rights which are very similar to those of unionized employees. As a result, if you have been unjustly dismissed you can seek reinstatement into your job as well as damages for lost wages. Damages for loss of wages are often far greater than what a comparable non-federally regulated employee would receive for severance pay. 

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Which industries are federally regulated? 

Examples of industries that are federally regulated and fall under the Canada Labour Code include:

  • Airports
  • Radio stations
  • First Nations Bands and related organizations
  • Interprovincial trucking
Filing a Complaint for Unjust Dismissal 

Federally regulated employees who lose their jobs may proceed to file a complaint for Unjust Dismissal. There are important deadlines to follow and a complaint must be filed very quickly. 

Ultimately, such complaints are heard outside of the Court system. The federal government appoints private adjudicators to conduct hearings of these matters. Often the adjudicators are senior lawyers who have labour law experience. The adjudication process is very similar to a trial in Court, but with some relaxation of evidentiary and procedural rules. 

Our lawyers have experience in navigating the Canada Labour Code adjudication procedure. To review written decisions involving our lawyers representing clients at Canada Labour Code adjudications follow this link.